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Freedom of Speech – Truth – Equality

What kind of world do we live in 2019? Make a thirty-second microdocumentary film taking place in this moment, perceiving the reality around us.

Uneton48 Docs pre-challenge 2019 challenges creators to think about what to say, who defines truth and who’s voice is heard? The film with most insightful perspective and accurate perception is rewarded with 1000 euros.

Publish your film by January 31 at 11:59 pm in Youtube with tag #u48docs2019 and share it to U48 Helpdesk or send the link to info@unetondocs.com. Don’t forget to write your team’s name in the film description. The winner is selected by film editor Juha Typpö from Helsingin Sanomat.


LAUNCH ~ 14.01.2019
DEADLINE ~ 31.1.2019
AWARDS ~ 2.2.2019